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Lifting Trolleys & Gear Introduction

Lifting trolleys are used to help workers lift, transport and carry heavy or bulky items. Through this, your employees are able to perform a wide array of tasks while maintaining safety and productivity. At Lifting2Go, we have lifting trolley products like lifters, stackers, scissor lifting tables, pallet jacks, drum handling trolleys, lifting slings, chain and lever blocks, crane scales and so much more. Even with our merging with Castors2Go, Trolleys2Go, Ladders2Go and Plastics2Go to form Equip2Go, Lifting2Go still has an excellent range of industrial lifting equipment suitable for any environment.

What to Consider When Choosing Lifting Trolleys for Your Workplace

Before choosing any of our heavy duty lifting trolleys for your workplace, it is important to be aware of suitability for different environments. For example, if you require lifting trolleys that can be used in wet, freezing and/or harsh conditions, consider stainless steel and galvanised products like our TF50S Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Table- 890mm High or our Galvanised Pallet Jack / Pallet Truck - 685mm Wide. The stainless steel (or galvanised) constructions make for excellent resistance to wetness or corrosion, and means they are perfectly suited for applications in those sorts of environments.

Additionally, it is a good idea to consider the different dimensions and product specifications our lifting products can have. Ranging in different lengths, load capacities and lifting heights, we have lifting trolleys in a variety of dimensions to suit all kinds of workplaces.

Lifting Trolleys - Lifters & Stackers

Lifters and stackers function as pallet lifters and pallet stackers as they lift, stack and transport pallets in many industrial environments. Walkie stackers like our SFH10W Manual Walkie Stacker and our EPS0415 Electric Platform Stacker can be used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, laboratories and various other industrial workplaces, increasing safety in all when lifting and handling pallets.

Scissor Lift Tables

At Lifting2Go, we have both manual scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts, like our TF75 Scissor Lift - 750kg and our ETFD35 Double Electric Scissor Lift - 350kg respectively. Scissor lifting tables feature a raiseable platform that helps lift heavy and awkward items, providing a helpful hand for employees when working with large goods. Moreover, if your workplace has many uneven or rough terrains, consider scissor lifts like our TF200 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift - 200kg.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are useful pieces of equipment that load and unload goods in various material handling and warehouse equipment industries. At Lifting2Go, our heavy duty pallet trucks are available in manual, electric and high lift forms, such as our Pallet Jack / Pallet Truck - 685mm Wide, Electric Pallet Jack - 1500kg Capacity and our High Lift Pallet Jack / Pallet Truck - 680mm Wide respectively.

Drum Handling Trolleys

Drum lifting trolleys like our NBF35 Barrel Tilting Trolley are employed in a number of industrial environments to handle drums. Common applications include loading, lifting, tilting, transporting, positioning, rotating and storing drums using this drum handling equipment.

Lifting Slings

Lifting slings are a staple of many workplace environments for applications that require safe and secure lifting. With synthetic slings in a variety of lengths and lifting capacities like our round slings and flat slings, as well as our chain slings, our industrial lifting slings are suitable for lifting things like poles, pipes, roofing sheets and more in your workplace.

Chain & Lever Blocks

Chain blocks and lever blocks like our E-Series Lever Blocks - 250kg and our E-Series Chain Blocks - 500kg are used to manually lift, lower and pull loads. As block and tackles and come alongs can be operated alone, they provide an efficient way of completing some manual handling tasks that would otherwise require two or more workers to carry out.

Crane Scales

Hanging Digital Crane Scales like our Crane Scales XZ30 are practical electrical units that are capable of weighing large, bulky or awkward items, particularly ones that cannot be placed on a top-loading platform scale. With measuring ranges of up to 3000kg, our crane scales can be used in various workplaces, particularly for applications that require suspended weighing when bench or floor space is limited.

Additional Lifting Trolleys

In addition to the lifting trolleys, gear and equipment mentioned above, we also have pallet levellers, commercial rigging gear, girder trolleys and clamps and Grade 80 chain components - all of which can be used in industrial lifting to make workers' jobs safer and more convenient.

Our lifting equipment is perfect for heavy duty lifting in numerous industrial environments. With our broad array of lifting products, Lifting2Go is your trusted provider of industrial lifting equipment Australia.